Vanilla Extract, Organic, FT by Singing Dog



Singing Dog Pure Vanilla Extract

Organic Pure Vanilla Extract is made from organic vanilla beans grown by our partner farmers in Indonesia.    When you use this organic vanilla extract you can be sure that you are using only real organic vanilla beans extracted in water and alcohol.  Nothing else.  Along with being sugar-free vanilla, all of our extracts are also corn-free, non-GMO, Kosher Pareve, gluten-free, and Fair Trade Plus+.  Singing Dog shares a portion of all profits with their employees and the farmers who grow your vanilla.  

Organic   Kosher Pareve   Gluten-Free   Sugar-Free   Fair Trade Plus+®

No Soy    No Palm Oil   Corn-Free   Non-GMO   Animal Cruelty-Free

Ingredients: Water, Organic Alcohol (35%), Organic Vanilla Bean Extractives (vanilla beans)