Sea Salt, Sel Gris (Tamise)



Frontier Co-op Sel Gris (Tamise) Sea Salt has a crunchy texture that goes well with grilled and braised meats, roasted potatoes and root vegetables. A versatile option, Sel Gris sea salt can be used as either a cooking or finishing salt. Add complex flavor and texture with this coarse salt for chef-worthy taste and presentation straight out of your home kitchen.

Sel Gris is harvested from clay-lined salt ponds in Brittany, France which gives it the light grey color and rich moisture content. It’s the bottom of the solar evaporation pans used for salt harvesting that lend this salt its grey color. If you want to experiment with new varieties of salt but aren’t sure where to start, Sel Gris is a perfect, all-purpose option.

Ingredients:  Sel Gris Sea Salt.