Java-Que by Ocean State Pepper Co.



Notes from OSPC:

A Robust Coffee Rub

Awaken your next grilling experience and enjoy the warm flavors of freshly ground cumin, brown sugar, and Korintje cinnamon along with the bold flavors found in our signature Sumatran coffee blend from our friends and local roasters, Borealis Coffee Company. This is a seriously tasty spice rub which is very boldly flavored, and pairs up extremely well with rich cuts of red meat and game. Exactly what you have been looking for to change up your grill game and bring something different to the dinner table.

Look for recipes on the OSPC website here.

  • Secret Weapon can be applied during the cooking process to season your burger, but we recommend blending into ground meat and hand-forming burgers to create a deeper level of flavor, not usually achieved with store-bought patties.
  • A great rub for any steak. Porterhouse, sirloin, our guest
  • Dry marinade for duck breast or dark poultry meat
  • A simple and robust seasoning for game of all types
  • Adding coffee flavor to a slow simmered chili works very well


Ingredients: Sumatran coffee, organic brown sugar, guajillo chile, aji amarillo, ancho chile, smoked paprika, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, sea salt.