Farmstand Bloody Mary Mix by Ocean State Pepper Co.



A classic cocktail mix...5 simple ingredients.

Developed this year in collaboration with local tomato farmers, this is a great blend to have in the spice cabinet. Horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, coarse ground pepper, and lemon juice.  Farmstand Bloody Mary Mix tastes great. Use a dash here and there to spice up that marginal store bought mix, add the entire packet to one quart of tomato juice for a fresh party-sized drink mix, or use it with single serving tomato juice cans when you only need to make a drink at a time. This bold, citrusy mix answers the call at a moments notice. You can get rid of that bottle of bloody Mary mix in the back of your fridge.


Combine the contents of packet (1.6 oz.) into 32-46 ounces of tomato juice. Stir well to combine and allow to rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before enjoying.  For a single serving, sprinkle in, and then stir in, enough to satisfy your taste buds.


Worcestershire powder, horseradish granules, celery salt, black pepper, lemon juice powder, organic chilies.