Seaworthy Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Sidamo, Light Roast, Organic, Fair Trade



A local coffee!  

Organic. Fair Trade. Light Roast.

Seaworthy Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated company based in Southern Rhode Island - West Kingston! 

Notes from Seaworthy Coffee Roasters:
Ethiopiait's where it all began. The first coffee plant was discovered in the Sidamo highlands and spread its roots across the world from there. This Organic Ethiopia Sidamo is roasted lightly to preserve the unique flavors of this region.

Experience the flavor notes of caramel and citrus fruits, with low acidity and a lighter body.  Perfectly balanced with lovely floral notes. 

Since this coffee is roasted light, there is a higher concentration of caffeine, making this a great way to start your day!