Moka Java Premium Blend Coffee, Organic, by Pierce Bros.


$14.95/lb.  Moka Java Premium Blend from Pierce Bros., Organic.

Moka Java, from a historical perspective, is one of the oldest coffee blends. Coffee originated in East Africa. The coffee bean had to be smuggled away from the area due to strict trade laws. One of the first places coffee was "illegally" cultivated was Indonesia. Beyond the control of Arabic Traders, an underground trade route formed between Ethiopia and Indonesia. Traders ended up mix and matching the coffee beans on the road, thus MOKA JAVA was born.

Lightly roasted, the Indonesian beans have a naturally chocolaty flavor. Dark roasted they have a pleasant smokey quality. Our classic blend has a smokey body, both thick and full, with an earthy, spicy twist and chocolaty tones.

Try this traditional masterpiece today!