Great news!

Hello to all our friends and neighbors, who have been so supportive of our little shop.

After 5 wonderful years, Liz and Rick have decided to step aside.  We have sold the business to Cynthia Taylor and her husband, Will.  Rick is working on his music ventures now (but he will continue to bake the cookies).  Liz will be staying on as support staff, helping Cynthia navigate the world of running a small mom & pop shop.  Pretty exciting stuff.  

We are all very excited, in fact.  There will be very few changes.  The same staff is here, the same products, the same service.  Eventually, there will be more offerings; specifically, expanded medicinal and herbal teas.  This is something Liz had always wanted to do, but didn't feel she had the expertise. Cynthia does.

The next time you come into the shop, make sure to congratulate Cynthia!

And from Liz and Rick, we want to offer you all a fond thank you for your support and good cheer.  Our little mom and pop shop wouldn't have thrived without you, so we are truly grateful.


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