Vanilla Extract, Organic, Double Strength 4oz. bottle by Singing Dog Vanilla


$25.00  each

Double Strength Vanilla Extract-Organic
Singing Dog Double Strength Vanilla Extract became popular thanks to the release of Salt & Straw’s Ice Cream Cookbook. They were suddenly overwhelmed by phone calls and emails, asking them where it can be purchased.

Until the publication of Salt and Straw’s book, double strength vanilla was only available in commercial bulk sizes (It is also be referred to as “double fold” or “2x”).  You may have even tasted it in a favorite high-end baked good or ice cream….such as Salt & Straw!  We are now making it available to our customers who would like to use it in their own recipes.

What is Organic Double Strength Vanilla Extract?
The vanilla extract called for in most baking recipes is single strength.  This vanilla extract, from Singing Dog, is used by commercial ice cream companies and contains exactly twice the amount of vanilla bean extractives as single fold.  If you are new to making ice cream, this is an excellent vanilla extract to use.  But make sure you also try it with your baking.  It's phenomenal.  

Ingredients: Water, Organic Alcohol (35%), Organic Vanilla Bean Extractives


Kosher Pareve   Gluten-Free   Sugar-Free   Fair Trade Plus+®  No Sesame

No Soy    No Palm Oil   Corn-Free   Non-GMO   Animal Cruelty-Free    Organic


Shelf Life: More than 5 years. Store in cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Vanilla Extract improves with age.

Packed in a glass bottle.

Alcohol is derived from pure can sugar.

Not extracted or bottled in shared facilities with allergens.