Vanilla Bean, Organically Grown, Fair Trade from Singing Dog Vanilla


Gourmet, Organically Grown Vanilla Beans,  $4.65 ea.

Planifolia (Bourbon Type) vanilla beans from Indonesia.

These are top quality and are plump and pliable. Singing Dog Vanilla regularly receives praise from top chefs at the country’s best restaurants about the wonderful quality of their vanilla beans and extract.   Singing Dog organically grown vanilla beans can be purchased in bulk, one at a time. 

Bourbon Vanilla does not mean that it’s been made with Kentucky Bourbon. This is a common misconception. Planifolia (Bourbon Type) vanilla beans were first grown commercially in the Madagascar and Reunion Islands, which were called the Bourbon Islands. Singing Dog's organic vanilla is grown in Indonesia. 

You can see a narrated photo show of their partner farmers in Indonesia on their website.  Singing Dog shares a percentage of the sales of their company with the farmers who grow the vanilla.

Please store them in a cool, dry cabinet. The refrigerator will cause the beans to dry out. If your beans do become dry, you can check out a video on the Singing Dog website to learn how to revive them.

Organically Grown       Fair Trade Plus+®