Udon Noodles, Organic



KOYO Udon is made from freshly milled organic heirloom grains and has a dense chewy texture. Perfect served with brothy soups or topped with meat or vegetables for a hearty meal.

Cooking time:  7 - 8 minutes.

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 bundle (76g)
Serving Per Container: 1

Calories: 270 Calories from Fat: 10

% Daily Value:
Total Fat: 1g 1%
Saturated Fat: 0g 0%
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg 0%
Sodium: 300mg 13%
Carbohydrates: 57g 19%
Fiber: 2g 7%
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 54g
Vitamin A: 0%•Vitamin C: 0%
Calcium: 2%•Iron: 15%
Organic wheat flour, sea salt. CONTAINS: Wheat.
NCW 2.1


Usually round, though sometimes oblong or square. Most varieties are about 12 inches long.


Dense and chewy.


HOW THEY'RE USED: Often the centerpiece for hot soups, brothy Asian "casseroles," or the base of a large bowl with toppings of meat and vegetabl toppings with a light soy sauce.
Also called: U-Dong (Korean) = kal guksu (Korean) . Cuisine types:  Japanese.