Pu'er Classic Tea, Organic by Rishi Tea



About this tea [from Rishi Tea]:  This exclusive Pu'er blend originates from the remote Dai, Lahu and Wa ethnic mountain villages in southern Yunnan Province, where heirloom broad leaf tea varietals have developed a complexity from centuries of seed propagation. Ancient Pu'er Classic comprises m:ultiple vintages resulting in a uniquely bold flavor profile with a body as deep as its history. This Shu Pu'er is notable for its notes of earthy sweetness, hints of cocoa and a woodsy, aromatic finish. The very best in everyday organic Pu'er.

Traditional Tea Preparation: 

Add 8g - 9g to a Gaiwan or Gongfu teapot (per 150ml-200ml).

Use 212°F boiling water.

Briefly rinse leaves for 5 seconds. Decant and discard this rinse infusion.
Proceed to infuse the tea using boiling water. Enjoy each infusion individually and savor the flavors of each round.
Decant 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th infusions after 45 seconds. The tea infuses fast and gives out its strength in the beginning of the session. Brew the tea several times until the taste weakens. Increase the infusion time to your taste preference after you become familiar with the tea.